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smells' year in review! [Dec. 29th, 2006|12:17 am]
hurricane whats-her-name
Go back through your entries for the year. Copy and paste the first line from the first post of each month.
That is your year in review.

me and linds-bag ran down flemming street in london banging pots and pans last night at around twelve thirty, i ate about a pound of confettii after the countdown and showed birtch my boobs and made out with kenny apparently.

so tonight wes and lee and i decided to make a movie about us chain-smoking cigarettes until we puked, so we did.

last night was bomb.

school is killing me, but it feels really good to be trying.

dear diary:
i love my life, and it's getting better all the time

"you girls have a lot of fun, eh?"
"um, yeah."

i'm going to fucking WEMF this weekend in TWEED county (love of my life) and it's gonna be the best spring break ever, with the beachballs to prove it.

i'm gettinbg my haiiir cut tomooorow.

all i can really do here is keep it posi.

josh told me that the small of my back was the sexiest part of my body.

i secretly want to be a well-read individual.

i haven't slept in three days and i'm writing two papers at the same time, both due at four this afternoon.

to conclude: my pinkeye will go away and i will stop being on antibiotics and feeling shitty and things will look up soon.
also, i love michelle whiting with all my heart.

merry christmas!

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